New Dashboard, Celebrity Fun, And More

We’ve been grinding hard here at The HOTH and it’s paying off! We have lots of new things going on, so here’s the updates!

1. Get A HUGE 20% Off Your Next Order By Following Us On Social!

We’re going to be pouring a ton of extra content into our social channels, so make sure you’re following us!

Click here to follow us on social and get 20% off your next order!.

2. Awesome New Simplified Customer Dashboard Live

We just went live with a MUCH simplified HOTH Dashboard. Now instead of having orders scattered through multiple product tabs, you can find all your orders and scheduled orders in 1 place!



You can sort through your different types of orders easily by using the product filter or the search filter to find the orders you’re looking for.

Click here to log in and check it out!

3. Celebrities Congratulate Greg Webb For Employee Of The Month

Greg has been with the HOTH for 5 years helping customers day-in and day-out. You may have spoken to him yourself!

Check out these recent celebrity congrats that he got!

4. Learn How To Scale Your Agency

Scaling an agency can be a journey. We’ve grown a LOT over the years and learned many lessons, so we put them all into an extensive article so you can learn faster than we did.

Check out our recent guest post on the MySiteAuditor blog called 12 Proven Ways To Seriously Scale Your SEO Agency.