The HOTH Guarantee

When we first launched The HOTH, we immediately got slammed with orders.

The immense volume in such a short time resulted in clients waiting for weeks to get their orders fulfilled.

When we relaunched The HOTH 2.0 with a bigger team and better infrastructure, we realized that we had to give our clients a reason to trust us again.

More so, we were heading after bigger clients, for many of whom link-building is a mission critical deliverable that CANNOT be late.

With that said, this money back guarantee protects you, our customer, from any potential negligence, arrogance or stupidity on our part as a vendor. This ensures a timely turn around for your order every time.

How Exactly Does it Work?

After you pay and submit your URLs & Keywords, we will look over your order to make sure there are no obvious issues and then place it in our queue.

At that time, we will send you a guaranteed delivery date.

This guaranteed date is similar to one you’d get from UPS/FedEx.

If we do not send you your Authority Module Report by 11:59:59 PM, Central Standard Time on the date promised, please contact us for a full refund of your money. We will still complete your order.

Terms & Conditions

This is NOT a “100% satisfaction guarantee.” It does not entitle you to a refund if you end up not liking the service, or at any point change your opinion about The HOTH service. This guarantee is purely the purpose of protecting you from late delivery.

With that said, we do want you to have an awesome experience with us! If you have any questions about using our service, or have questions after you receive your report, just drop us a line a support [at] or use the support widget on the bottom of our site. With thousands and thousands of campaigns under our belt, we’ve pretty much seen it all and we’d love to help give you ACTIONABLE advice that you can take and use.

This guarantee does not include delivery of the Volume Module report as it is slow dripped over 3+ weeks. We don’t not send out a report or notification for this, however you can check the status within your HOTH Dashboard. As of March 2012, Volume Module reports do not include disclosure of links created or sites submitted to. This decision has been made to protect the safety and longevity of the sites used in this process.

We do not guarantee a specific time of delivery on the guaranteed delivery date, however we usually deliver early! We do not guarantee a specific time frame for all orders.

If you receive a report where 1 or more properties built for you has gone down, this does not count as late. Please contact us with the properties that need to be replaced and we shall do so in a timely manner.